Shoot the Runner!


This week I took those first few steps towards reigniting my running career.

After a month on the sidelines, due to a dose of the man flu and a lack of enthusiasm, it was time to pound the pavement once again…

The Garmin reads as follows: 6:41, 6:55, 6:56, 7:18… 7:08, all in all, 8 miles completed in just over 53 minutes. Though for me, this week wasn’t about timing, as much as getting back on my feet and overturning that feeling, that, after a month out, I could still run as well as hold my place with the front runners.

I had previously set back my return due to an overwhelming lack of motivation and feeling that my efforts were in vain. With no races booked up, these feelings got stronger, and as I was putting in less effort than previous years, I wasn’t running as well (typically). Competing at a lower level than I knew I could achieve, saw me take a month out to reflect. The answer? Get back out there!

This week has bitten me with the running bug once again and with the iron suitably hot, I’m going to strike some goals for 2011;

36 minute 10k (previous record 38:46)
1:25 half marathon (previous record 1:26:24)

I’ll keep you all up to speed with how I get on, including links to my Garmin Connect profile.


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