None for the Road…


If you’re reading this entry then you have probably read 101 blogs on this subject already, and chances are, have made your mind up as to whether you are going to drink during your training.

Firstly we must define drinking; I’ll keep things really simple. There are heavy, moderate and occasional drinkers.

Scientifically, getting smashed the night before a race is about as good an idea as wearing a lead vest. In simple terms, alcohol dehydrates. With your body between 1% & 2% dehydrated, your sports performance will see a detriment of between 10% & 20%. So, if your looking at breaking a PB, heavy drinking is definitely a no, no.

We move on to moderate and occasional drinking. I group these together because, if you’re serious about results, a zero tolerance policy is essential.

A zero tolerance policy alone is not what will make you run faster and achieve better results. Alongside the approach, comes a mindset that you are superior to those who are going out every Saturday night. As you are results driven, your stance on alcohol will be transferred into your overall diet and wellbeing, leading you to eat a diet filled with slow release carbohydrates such as porridge, wholegrain bread & pasta. With all these variables in place, you are of course, more likely to care about your running career and hence, will see the plight of getting out of bed on an icy morning, less of a necessity and more an opportunity to enhance your training.

In conclusion, whether it’s the the health benefits that come from not drinking, or the fact that you’re in a positive mindset, your running will see a marked improvement. It’s up to you to decide whether these two are mutually exclusive.


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