Foursquare Explore is Going Places…


Picture the scene, you’ve gone away for the weekend, a quiet retreat to the country. You’re enjoying a peaceful break, exploring the
countryside at your leisure. After a busy days walking and petting cows you’re hungry, but where on Earth can you find a great restaurant?

It’s time to reach for your trusty smartphone. Foursquare Explore allows you to search locations ranging from 0.25km to 10km away. “Food” – Search… loading… The Green Dragon [The fish and chips here are some of the best I’ve tasted] – The Red Lion [Curry night on a Thursday is always popular, the meat is locally sourced]. The Red Lion sounds amazing. You check the map, It’s only a 10 minute walk, perfect.

Make sure you check in at the Red Lion, the mayor receives free drinks with their dinner. Maybe I’ll sample the cider, pressed just around the corner from our hotel…

Foursquare Explore is an amazing tool, not only to see what people are saying about your local area, but especially for those weekends away, when you don’t have a clue where to go. Whether it’s an indie rock club or simply an eatery that you’re looking for, Foursquare has it covered. This addition to the application will see the user experience enhanced “fourfold” and with that, the ball is firmly in Facebook Places court to respond, and until it innovates, Places will always be living in Foursquares shadow.


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