6 Top Tips for Virgin London Marathon Runners…

Great Bentley Half Marathon

Whatever your goal, whether it’s to run a sub 3 hour marathon or just to complete the course before the organisers start packing up, there are a few things that you will need to remember.

  1. Why are you running? When the going gets tough, typically at around 19 miles, but perhaps earlier, it’s amazing just how far the thought of your desired charity will spur you on.
  2. Enjoy yourself. Ok, so you may want to beat a certain time, that’s great, but don’t forget that you are running one of the greatest races in the world and there is so much to take in. Nothing comes close to the feeling of having completed the VLM and wearing that medal around your neck.
  3. Drink!! Take on lots of fluids. This Sundays race is set to be another hot one, with early forecasts predicting 17degrees.  With your body dehydrated by anything between 1 & 2%, your sports performance will see a detriment 10 & 20%.  Severe dehydration is of course dangerous (you don’t need me to tell you that)
  4. Don’t drink too much. Many people feel that they need to down a litre of water before the race starts. Those who have that urge typically re-unite at the loo’s a mile down the road. Sipping is the answer, after all, you didn’t down a bottle of water before your training runs (did you?).
  5. Prepare & Arrive early. Leave yourself plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere, have a proper warm up and to drop off your bags. Pack those bags the night before, do a checklist, even lay out your kit, just don’t go forgetting anything.
  6. Don’t go changing. There’s a reason you’ve been training. You’ve worn in those shoes, found the best sports drink/ gels for your body and set a race pace plan.

I’ve learnt all of these tips the hard way throughout my running career. My personal bests include a 38:47 – 10k, 1hr 26:24 – half marathon & a 2hr 16 – 20 miler. I ignored the third tip and blew a chance at a sub 3hr VLM, coming home in 3hr55. See my blog on diabetic running here.

All that’s left to say is that you’ve done the hard work, now enjoy yourself & good luck on Sunday!!!


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