Google+ Circles Come To Facebook

facebook circles

Though in my humble opinion, Google+ will never pose a threat to Facebook. Certain aspects of the “social network” have been a revelation, especially in terms of privacy. An area where Facebook has always received negative press.

Along with “hangouts”, Google+ bought to our attention that we didn’t have to tell the world what we thought. If we wanted to broadcast less desirable comments about a certain person or group, you were now able to do this, without fear of backlash, or having to delete them as a “friend” altogether. Hello Circles.

Queue the thousands of early adopters, innovators and Google fan boys proposing they would leave Facebook in favour of the invite only site.

Sadly for Google, the momentum seems to be falling apart for the “fastest growing social network”. There is little doubt that the only thing greater than the buzz around Google+ is the constant rumours around the iPhone 5 or iPad 3. It is evident from my news feed at least that less people are posting and even less are bothering to +1 posts or comment. The only musings are about Google+ itself and not the outside world (yes, there is a life outside G+).

Earlier this week Facebook announced amendments to its privacy settings, with the major change, being the ability to create groups, or simply sharing your status updates with only certain people, with an “inline audience selector”. Sound familiar? Sounds like a circle to me.

Google undoubtedly needs to receive kudos for bringing privacy issues to Facebooks attention. Social media users have been crying out for these changes since before the birth of Diaspora. However, along with the other status update, updates this could see the end of Google+, MySpace style.

What are the 3 main changes to Facebook Sharing settings?

  1. A “tag button” – to make it easier to tag friends. Although this service is already available, the UI changes will make this simpler. We love simple.
  2. “Say where you are”. A geolocation button. Tag where you are, this won’t rival Foursquare yet, as Facebook still remains a long way behind in terms of loyalty.
  3. “Inline audience selector”. Circles to you and me

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