5 Things I’ll Miss About The UK

Mad Dogs And Englishmen

Little over two months ago, we made the life changing decision to trade in a pretty awesome life in the UK, for a fresh start in Australia. Jobs have been left, flights, hostels & extras booked. We now have 9 days left in the UK and I thought that now would be as good a time as any to reflect on the few things that we’re really going to miss.

It goes without saying that we’re going to miss our friends and family the most. One of the aims of this blog is to keep everyone informed about our travels. We will also be using tools including Skype, email and the occasional phone call to keep in touch. This post will outline five obscure things that will be traded in for sunshine, koalas and chilled beer;

  1. The NHS. Being a type 1 diabetic, my main concern is that healthcare will no longer be free. Although, I’ve heard great reviews about the Australian medical system, I think it’d be harsh not to offer my kudos the boys and girls who work tirelessly for a relatively mediocre wage in the UK.
  2. Mad Dogs & Englishmen Interiors. A beautiful little furniture store in Leigh-on-Sea selling an array of quintessentially English delights  from mirrors to armchairs. This kind of design cannot be easily replicated.
  3. Modern Milk. The “posh milkshake” is a hidden gem among a myriad of chilled drinks, currently on the market. I heartily recommend a trip to your local Tesco to check out, Lush Banana, Ripe Strawberry, Smooth Coffee & Milk Chocolate & Caramel flavours.
  4. MINI UK. I love my MINI. Whether I choose to ship him out to Australia or sell him in the UK, there is definitely something very British about being a MINI owner. Having researched prices down under, it looks as though they’re going to cost a pretty penny (or dollar).
  5. Southend Athletic Club. Ok, so I said I wasn’t going to include missing people on this list, but the guys at SAC, were extremely accommodating and a great laugh to be around. My attendance may have been poor this year, but I’ll always remember the camaraderie shared in competition and training.

What would you miss most about the UK?


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