The Thing I Hate Most About Running…

Yesterdays post touched briefly on the benefits that a sense of belonging can bring. Today, I’d like to talk about those things that push us runners to the limits. The things that make us want to stay at home in bed rather than hit the streets. For some it’s the bad weather, it’s too cold. Others, it’s the oppressive heat, it’s too late, too early – there are a million excuses not to run. For me there is only one…

Mile reps, I can’t stand them.

Benfleet 15

My relationship with the session got off on the wrong foot. Not only was it my first outing with my old running club fromback home, it also came after a week of Mayhem & much alcohol consumption at Glastonbury festival 2008.  I struggled to come to terms with the distance & found myself lagging behind the front pack, yet too far ahead of the second group to consider dropping back – all alone.

I don’t much mind running by myself, in fact, for the previous two years, I had spent half of my time doing it. My problem was with the distance. It was too long to hold a full sprint, yet too short for a steady canter to be acceptable. The repetitions seemed to never end & the mile was always just out of sight.

The funny thing is that upon researching for this post, I looked back through my Garmin Connect times & my second best session ever was oddly enough – mile reps. Averaging at 6:11 pace for 6 miles, I may have conquered the workout, yet to this date – I still despise them. Whenever I see those two little words come around on the schedule I begin to heap on the reasons not to run. After all, it is pretty chilly outside.

What makes you want to stay indoors rather than hit the streets?


2 thoughts on “The Thing I Hate Most About Running…

  1. This year it was hazardous road conditions only (I only missed two or three runs all winter long). Years prior, it was anything below 20 degrees F, which pretty much meant I was sidelined for most of the winter and had to lose 10-15 in the spring. Two things changed: Triathlons and I set up a bike trainer in my office so I could ride through the winter.

    I’ve had so much fun, I didn’t want to miss any runs this year – and one had me with icicles on my eye lashes before we hit the first mile marker. Go figure, I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

    • Haha, icicles on your eyelashes! Now that’s dedication… Though I have to agree with you, the more we push ourselves, the more amazing things we realise that we can do… and in turn the happier we are 🙂

      Keep up the good work man!

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