3 Creative Fundraising Ideas For The 2012 Virgin London Marathon

These days it seems as though every man, woman and their dog are doing something for charity – which is awesome. Sponsorship is sometimes an awkward thing to go about asking for, though it shouldn’t be – and here’s why…

Talking purely from a sponsors point of view. It’s sometimes difficult to decide who to sponsor, but as long as you have your boundaries clearly defined, it’s simple. As a rule of thumb I will sponsor the following; close family, close-good friends, work colleagues or anyone with a good story. Of course there are exceptions, but these guides are a good starting point.London Marathon Logo

I have three great friends that are all running the London Marathon this year – not that I’m envious at all. Though they all have different stories, they are great ones and their approaches to fundraising innovative and heartfelt.

Let’s start with Luke. He’s running for Farleigh Hospice. A charity based in Mid-Essex who care for those with life limiting illness and their families. Of course, being a hospice, they are a worthy charity anyway, but for those living in Essex, many will have had some sort of  connection to the organisation. Luke however, has taken a leaf out of Kickstarter’s book and is offering rewards for those that sponsor him. The more you sponsor, the better the reward, for example, £5 gets you a high five, £20, a free drink or three at the next social occasion you spend together and £50, “the best damned dinner” you have ever had cooked for you. Read Luke’s story.

Macmillan LogoPaul is an inspiration. His fundraising efforts for Macmillan Cancer Support stop at nothing. He has a great eye for a sponsorship opportunity and always executes it in a fun and exciting way, making the act of sponsorship feel invisible. From darts evenings at the Leyton Orient club bar to “Paulies Pontoon”, you’re sure to have a good time. I especially like “Paulies Pontoon”, it’s such a simple idea but it works. Everyone donates £10 and receives the name of a random football league team out of a hat. The first team to score 21 goals wins, rewarding that person with half of the overall pot, the other half of course goes to Macmillan. I only hope next time I don’t draw Blackburn. For more information on Paul’s efforts, read his message.

Last, but by no means least is Sarah. Two years ago we were the best of running buddies. Sarah was a little better than me, hanging out with the fast kids during club sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we often ran together at the weekends, 13 miles, 20 miles, 26 miles… We were both in pretty good shape in those days – Sarah still is, I hasten to add. She is running the London Marathon for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Before reading her justgiving story, I didn’t know much about the condition, but after struggling to breathe, reading the post through a straw, I soon had a small insight into the daily struggle that “sufferers” have.

Of course these three amazing people will receive my sponsorship, no matter what – however, for those times when you are undecided as to whether to sponsor someone, a story can go a long way, but a little creativity will see it go much further.

Do you have a creative sponsorship idea, or do you know someone that has? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.


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