A Eulogy To My Garmin Forerunner 305

Runners can become dependant on their gadgets. I am no exception to this, I love my Garmin. I don’t know what I would do without it’s insights on pace, distance and calories burnt. Sadly, I’m about to find out. My Forerunner 305 has given up the ghost and I feel as though I have lost a close friend.Garmin Forerunner 305

In the three and a half years we had spent together, we shared some great memories. I remember the time that we went to Great Bentley & ran the half marathon in 1:26:24. Oh, and who could forget the Essex 20. Boy if it’s wasn’t for “Garmy” I think I might have died that day. I enjoyed his company on the ice cold winter mornings as much as the clammy summer evenings. He served me well, but it’s time to bid farewell & consider how best to replace the irreplaceable.

For me, Garmin seem to have lost a little ground in the sports watch market. Sure, their extensive range seems ever growing and I have no doubt that they are making millions if not billions of dollars per year. Yet, in my opinion, though the technology is undoubtedly improving, the attention to detail is missing and I don’t care much for the style of the new watches. Yes, the Forerunner 405 looks more like your regular day to day watch, but there was something I loved about the bulky, cornered 205 & 305. Perhaps because people would see it and think – “Oh he must be a pro with that ugly watch”, or maybe just because I am a man and I like big square gadgets. Which leads me to my current front runner… The Nike+ GPS.

Nike+ GPSBeing a marketer, I should know better. But the branding of the Nike+ GPS is reminiscent of the iPod & iPhone. Big on imagery, sleek curves, touch screen, easy to use and connect to your Mac or PC, Nike have certainly appealed to my subconscious.

It’s a real man gadget (sorry ladies). It does everything that a Garmin will do, but with a USB port integrated into the watch strap itself, no need for docks and cables! Powered by Tom Tom, this has all the potential to compete with any Garmin device.

I’ve read some reviews on the Nike+ GPS, good and bad as you would expect. But I’d love to hear your thoughts? Is my love for design potentially sacrificing performance, or should I just trust an old friend and upgrade my Garmin device?


6 thoughts on “A Eulogy To My Garmin Forerunner 305

  1. How funny that you have written a blog about the death of your Garmin too! Happy to report that mine ‘rose again’ on the third day after he had a bath!

    • Ah that’s great news 🙂 I’m going to be trading him in for the Nike + GPS soon as the Sydney store gets some more stock in…

      I’ll write a review and let you know how he compares to my Garmin 🙂

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  4. Did you try resetting the back with a pin? Look for the small hole. Mine died too, luckily was able to reset it and works perfectly again. Good luck!

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