Vote Earth – It’s Your Chance To Make A Difference [Earth Hour 2012]

For a few years now I’ve been participating in Earth Hour and although it can seem like a small gesture – it really can make a difference to the world we live in.

Earth Hour Banner

So, what is Earth Hour? It’s a voluntary movement by hundreds of countries across the globe. A time when nations come together and realise what is important… Our planet! Over 5,200 cities in 135 countries turn out their lights for one hour in an attempt not only to combat climate change, but also to raise awareness of the damage that we are causing to our planet with our modern ways.

This year the organisation has used social media to reach a new audience, with it’s #IWIYW challenges (I will if you will). People from around the world are challenging others to say, if you do something for the planet- I’ll top it. I think that’s pretty amazing.

How can you make a change? Well, Earth Hour is next Saturday 31st March at 8:30pm. If you could turn your lights out for one hour then your single act of kindness multiplied by billions will save a ridiculous amount of energy – turning back the clock on climate change.

Of course, it’s all about going beyond the hour. Taking shorter showers, watching less TV – pretty much doing anything that will cover your carbon footprint, but those sixty minutes are a fantastic start.

If you could join me next Saturday at 8:30pm to take part in one of the worlds largest movements, I’m sure there’s a few thousand polar bears that would like to say thanks – oh and one huge planet too…

This year I’ll be in Sydney. The place where it all began & I can’t help but feel that it is my place to spread the word and hey, if I can get one person to make a change, then I’m a happy man.

What are you doing for Earth Hour? Have you taken part in previous years?


3 thoughts on “Vote Earth – It’s Your Chance To Make A Difference [Earth Hour 2012]

  1. I won’t be falling for global warming for one, not when those same scientists were worrying about global cooling 40 years ago (and food/mineral/oil/coal/natural gas shortages as soon as five or six years ago). I certainly won’t be worrying about my carbon footprint which has doubled because I choose to exercise – that CO2 goes somewhere, no? Or do we get some kind of global pass because we’re healthy?

    I also won’t have to turn my lights off at 8:30 either – they are always off unless I need them.

    Now this is where it becomes important: Who can say what temperature around the world is the right one? Who is arrogant enough to think we can control that temperature? Finally, has anyone that can answer yes to the previous two questions thought about the ramifications of cooling the temperature? Cooler temperatures bring about periods of global depression and shortages because it’s harder to grow food.

    Think about that for a minute – then delete my comment because I don’t want to foul up your noble request. Conserving our planet is all good, the government solution to our every problem is what I vehemently despise – especially when they cook the books to get away with it – as they clearly did in the case of global warming.

    • Hey man,

      Thanks for your response. I agree that there is always going to be shortages and inadequacies of resources around the world – solutions and alternatives will always be found, but if there is something I can do to stop these issues before they escalate then I’m all for it.

      Although ultimately the idea of “beyond the hour” would encourage to reduce your carbon footprint in day to day life, nobody is going to lambast another person for keeping fit. I think the “global pass” would allow you that one.

      Good to hear your lights are off most of the time (maybe they’ll even be off at 8:30 eh) – as a child I grew up in my parents home – whether they were energy saving or just being thrifty it was probably for the best.

      I’m gonna listen to the scientists on this one and if I can live my day to day life thinking that I’m doing some good (which I am) – then I’m happy. If I can walk somewhere/ bike or run, then I will. I drive but I’m happy to use public transport to reduce my carbon footprint and will always offset my flights with a monetary contribution (which I know makes little difference). I figure it’s kinda each to their own.

      I agree that governments solutions could be better & the US are arguably the worst for preaching and not following their own word.

      I’m not going to delete your comment buddy 🙂 After all the concept of blogging is based around having an opinion of which we are all entitled to our own.


      • Fair enough brother. My lights will be off – I am a firm believer in conservation.

        We in the US don’t preach, we just live by the rules outlined during our founding – specifically that our rights are God given, not ham-handed down by the government. Some among us believe they are above this simple notion and try to take things too far against their boss’ will. If it seems that those yahoos are preaching, I apologize on their behalf – they’ll be given their retirement papers soon enough.

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