5 Reasons To Enjoy Race Day – Virgin London Marathon 2012

If you asked me a month ago, my thoughts on the London Marathon, I’d have probably told you that it was the race that beat me. For a number of reasons, I hold the race accountable for my dip in form and loss of confidence in my competitive ability. But as the 2012 race draws ever closer, my attention has been reminded as to why it is such a great race and how I wish I was running this year.

London Marathon Tower Bridge

  1. 2012 is a special year for London. To be able to say you ran the marathon in London 2012 (Olympic year) is a big thing. I could not be more envious of you guys.
  2. You’ve done the hard part already. All those winter runs in the freezing cold. The pleading for sponsorship from your friends. Getting over the fact that six months ago, you couldn’t even run a bath without getting out of breath. Race day is almost here and lets be honest, you ARE ready so go get ’em!
  3. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. The crowd are amazing. I’ll never forget major cramp setting in around 21 miles. Both thighs gave up the fight and I literally had to pull to one side before I did serious damage. A spectator offered to massage my  legs & although I kindly declined, it highlighted the spirit of the event – an emotion unlike no other that I’ll treasure forever!
  4. It’s an honour that gets respected. Ok, so maybe this is a little shallow of me, but if you’re a runner – you’ll understand. Over the past few months you’ve covered distances from 10k to (probably close to) 26.2 miles. Running local events like the Essex 20 and perhaps even a marathon already in another part of the country. Though these won’t have gone wholly unnoticed by friends and family, for some reason – completing the London Marathon is viewed as much more of an achievement than say the Robin Hood Marathon.
  5. You’re a marathon runner. It’s true. You are officially a distance runner and will forever have the crown in your cap, that you completed one of the most prestigious races in the world.

Good luck to everyone who’s running this year – I hope to see you in 2013 when my Australian running struggle has subsided.

Are you looking forward to race day? Or are you terrified at the thought of the 26.2 mile course?


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