Diabetes & Mumps – A Correlation Or A Coincidence?

I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for close to seven years now and have always been surprised as to the lack of understanding around the condition. Over the years, I have been advised by some great, and some not so great practitioners. Here’s a story beginning with a great practitioner and ending with a Google-athon.

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I’ll never forget visiting my chiropractor  about two years ago. She was a young Asian girl, presumably not too long out of college. But she provided insight on diabetes that I had not heard before.

As part of her research, she claimed that the onset of diabetes was triggered by a virus that attacks the body between the months of November & April. Not knowing many other type 1’s – I was impressed by her accuracy as I was diagnosed towards the end of March in 2005.

For reasons unknown, I decided to research this today utilising the encyclopedia of Google. I couldn’t find any research that supported her theory, however, as I sifted through the pages, serendipity struck and I found a couple of articles linking type 1 diabetes to childhood mumps.

As a youngster, I pretty much got every cold that was going, bronchitis, swine flu, even viral meningitis! With that in mind, it’s no surprise that after my MMR vaccination I was later to develop mumps. I’d love to know whether I am just conforming to coincidence or whether this could be a valid hypothesis.

Sadly without paying for these articles online, I was unable to find reliable statistics supporting a correlation between the two. But there is certainly a lot of talk re: the subject online.

So, type 1 diabetics, did you ever have mumps as a child? Have you heard of this virus theory? Oh and out of interest, do you remember which month your diabetes was diagnosed?

Update 03/04/2012 – Tweet from @DiabetesUK – “@TerenceCraven There’s a lot of comment on this month of diagnosis theory, but along with the MMR link, nothing has been proved.”


One thought on “Diabetes & Mumps – A Correlation Or A Coincidence?

  1. I’ve never had mumps. But yes, I’ve heard of the virus theory. But then I’ve also heard of a theory that if you are at some point in your life very distressed and depressed that this can in turn cause diabetes to somehow form. I was about 21 when I was diagnosed. Don’t remember the month. Im 30 now. So I can’t really remember life before becoming a human sugar scale.

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