Running, Relationships & How I Fell In Love With The Sport

We are all runners. We pound the streets come rain or shine. We push our bodies to the limits. Our actions are the same, but our motives vary. This post will give you a brief background as to why I started running and how quickly I fell in love.


I remember distinctly my first run. It was with one of my best friends from home back in 2008. We were both at a loose end one afternoon & decided to drive to the seafront for a gentle jog. Being the competitive one, I remember bursting with energy & running as fast as I could towards the west end of the seafront. I soon ran out of gas and found myself needing to take a breather. It was by no means an enjoyable run, but it was my first & the bug had bitten me.

You could be forgiven for assuming that I started running out of boredom, or simply through having too many hours in the day, to do not a lot. But you’d be wrong.

I continued to run, not with the same friend, he’d had enough of running after that afternoon, but with my best friend. As neither of us drove at the time, we would run from our homes near Southend Airport, along the main road, seafront and then back home again. The route was around the 7 mile mark & we would repeat it 2-3 times per week. This went on for a couple of years before commitments got in the way for him & I decided to take things a little more seriously.

Southend Seafront

The route took us past the beautiful seafront at Southend-on-Sea

So, back to what motivated me to start running. I’ve already commented that it wasn’t through boredom, which perhaps a little, it was. The real reason didn’t strike me until a few circumstances in my life changed. When I first began running, I was (fairly) recently single & unemployed also – what a catch eh! I couldn’t find work and more importantly, I was struggling to find the girl. I quickly figured that running was the only thing in my life that I could control. If I wanted to up the pace, I could. If I wanted to run further, I would.

Sure I enjoyed it and it was a great way to keep fit, but my reason, although unknown for so long, was to regain control of my life.

You’ll be pleased to know that I have now found a girl and that I am too employed. We’re currently travelling Australia and have settled in Sydney to see if we would like to start a new life in the sun.

So why did you start running? Was it simply to keep fit, to raise money for charity? Or do you have other motivations?


One thought on “Running, Relationships & How I Fell In Love With The Sport

  1. When I think back on my reasons for starting running back in January 1992, I always think it was to lose weight. But I think you’re right, it was to take control. Yes, take control of my weight but also my health and my psyche. Running gave me so much right from the beginning it is hard to pinpoint the exact reason I fell in love with the run but I think, probably, it was the control.

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