Fingers Crossed For The London Marathon 2013 Ballot

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be ridiculously jealous of all those running the London Marathon this Sunday. I think I can safely say that even non-runners who watch the coverage on television, get that slight urge to want to be part of the worlds greatest race. 

Virgin London Marathon Logo 2013

After missing out on the 2012 ballot, I decided that it was time to travel Australia without the concern of the intense training that marathons require. Not so much taking a (another) gap year, but rather fulfilling some dreams.

I can’t wait to watch the race on Aussie TV & I’ll be looking out for my fantastic friends that will be running, Luke, Paul, Sarah, Simon & everyone from my old running club – Southend Athletics.

Then my attention will turn to the ballot opening again on the 30th April. Don’t forget to check back to the Virgin London Marathon website for more information and race entry. Make sure you’re quick too as applications were filled in less than two weeks last year. (Update 30/04/2012 – Apply for the 2013 race here)

If you’re not so lucky in the ballot, there are hundreds of charities that you can run for. From Diabetes UK to Farleigh Hospice. Many of these, especially the smaller ones are easy to get a spot with, all that you require is to pledge to raise a certain amount for the desired charity. Some will have no targets, whilst others will want to raise a minimum of £1,500+.

If you’re looking for some top tips for this weekends race or a few fundraising ideas, look no further than these handy posts;

All that is left to say is good luck to EVERYONE running this Sunday! Have a great race & enjoy your day!

Will you be applying for the race is 2013? Or is it too far away to consider?


6 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed For The London Marathon 2013 Ballot

  1. I’ll let you know after 26.2 on Sunday if I will be entering the Ballot for 2013 LOL. Fingers crossed for you though. Debs x

  2. Thanks Terence! Hope your training is going well! Went to the expo today to pick up my number and got told to “man up and get a sub 3 hr 30 time” by one of the “booth babes”. Yeah, alright then. I’ve changed my twitter avatar to my Farleigh vest so people know what to look out for – will look out for you at the Sydney Marathon!

    • Hey man,

      My training is a little behind schedule, but I figure that’s the beauty of planning a year in advance 🙂

      Haha, love it, the booth babes – maybe the thought of them will propel you around the course in record time.

      Ps. I haven’t forgotten to sponsor you – I get paid on Tuesday (late I know, but it all counts) – Hey, it’s not like I’ve had 6 months to do so haha!

      • So you’re running the 2013 Sydney Marathon? Glad to hear you’re back out running though! That gives me time to save up pennies to perhaps come join you 😉

        The one who told me to “man up” is marshaling so I could give her a cheeky wink as I sail on past…

        No worries about the sponsor money; whenever is best & easiest for you man.

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