The Last Supper, Carbo Loading & Last Minute London Marathon Tips

With only two sleeps left until the 2012 London Marathon, you’re sure to be feeling a little nervous excitement. So, by way of taking our mind off things let’s talk about food. 

Sausage & Broccoli Penne

Sausage & Broccoli Penne via

You’ll have heard of carbo loading, but what does this mean for you & does this mean you can only eat pasta? Well, pasta is filled with carbohydrates, but this doesn’t mean that you have to eat penne the night before the marathon. Rice, potatoes, even a few toasted sandwiches on wholemeal bread are better than hitting the fast food restaurants. The basic principle of carbo loading is to eat more carbohydrates than you usually would, not only to give you the added energy you’ll need to replenish reserves lost, but also to give you that pre race buzz without dipping in enthusiasm.

In my experience as a runner, the night before / and couple of days leading up to the race are almost as important as the big day itself. I go by three key rules which have always seen me succeed or at least perform to the utmost of my ability;

  1. Rest – And get lots of it. if your legs don’t have to move then don’t move them. I am like a coiled spring and once contained for a certain period of time, I am refreshed and ready to bounce around the course.
  2. Eat sensibly – Pasta has always been a winner for me, as much as porridge for breakfast and a snack has been too. I can be a bit “too sensible”, but as long as it’s not McDonalds, KFC or an Indian you are probably going to be ok.
  3. Don’t go changing! Your training has led up to Sunday’s race, meaning that you should treat it as a slightly more important training run. don’t change your trainers, your morning routine or most of all – your diet.

Now all that’s left to say is “go tear up London” – have a great day & do your charity proud!

What will be your last supper? Are you a sucker for pasta or are you a little more daring with your pre race recipes? Do you have any other tips for this Sunday’s runners?


6 thoughts on “The Last Supper, Carbo Loading & Last Minute London Marathon Tips

    • Man, that does sound grim. But runners trots as you call it is an all to big problem that many distance runners face.
      Imodium is great – a change in your diet can help too… I swear by swapping Weetabix for Porridge & never looked back when I did…
      Good luck Sunday man! Nervous?

  1. I found porridge too heavy for me the morning before a run, I’m stuck to a banana and peanut butter!

    The closer Sunday comes, the more nervous I get. Went for one last 5mi run yesterday and my knees were oddly sore which worries me a little! Just want it to be the day and be out there now!

    • Fair play.

      As hard as it sounds, don’t go crazy out there Sunday. Pace yourself & even if you feel like your creeping round, you’ll feel better for it in the second half. Especially if you’re struggling with injuries which you have been.

      It’ll all be worth it when you have that medal around your neck – do an old man proud eh 🙂

  2. For big races, all of my friends and I (and our families) hang out at one of our homes for a cookout – after the race. Pre-race? I don’t change a thing. I don’t load up on anything, I just eat normally.

    • Hey man – I think it’s great that you all hang out together post race!

      After London 2010, I remember hitting the pub with the other half & a few close friends & sinking a couple of pints watching the football – My idea of a treat 🙂

      To be fair, I only carbo load before a marathon or any race over 19m. Anything less and it’s just the regular huge portions.


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