How An Addiction To Marketing Created A Running Brand

One of the biggest myths believed by non-runners is that all you need to hit the streets are a pair of trainers. Now, I could get philosophical and argue in favour of bare foot running, or petty and state the obvious that you need additional clothing to cover your dignity – rather I take the route that all runners take; the route towards a wardrobe full of specialist gear. But for me, it doesn’t stop there…

My professional background lies in marketing, something I’ve been loosely interested in since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Continuing my passion, I went to university to read about it further, and have worked in the industry since, from general marketing, online and most recently as a copywriter. My love will forever be branding.

Jesus Was A Road Runner

Matt Groening (creator of the Simpsons) once quoted something that stuck with me. He believed that the greatest characters throughout history were recognisable in silhouette. This is true from Abe Lincoln, to Abe Simpson, Einstein & so on…

With this is mind. Buying running gear wasn’t quite as simple as picking up the first clima-cool shirt on the shelves or buying a pair of shorts just because they were practical. Oh no, I needed a brand and this is what I came up with (See photo).

I’ve never told anyone this before, after all, it’s pretty trivial – but for those that know me; this is what makes Jesus Was a Road Runner aka Terence Noah Craven;

  • Nike race shorts –  I won’t be seen in Adidas or Asics – No reason, but fact!
  • Adidas t-shirts – Red, white, black, any colour but always the same brand. I find them comfortable and a better fit for tall people like me. Nike tops tend to ride up my back.
  • Brooks trainers. I love my Brooks, they were my second, third, forth and will be my fifth pair. They’re so comfortable and great for the neutral runner. Sometimes you’ll find a trainer that may as well be a glove. When you find it – buy as many pairs as you can before they are discontinued!
  • My Garmin Forerunner. Irreplaceable.
  • The Headband – Practical, keeping my Jesus like locks from obscuring my vision. Fashionable?, questionable but it completed the brand.

So, from a pair of trainers the set was complete and I at least looked the part. But it didn’t stop there. Foam rollers, compression tops, twin skin trainer socks, heart rate monitors. I often wonder whether the list will ever end. But one thing is for sure, the boy who thought that all you needed was a pair of trainers could not have been more wrong.

Are you addicted to running gear? Do you have your own brand / favour a particular sports brand, Nike / Adidas / Asics / Brooks?


3 thoughts on “How An Addiction To Marketing Created A Running Brand

  1. I like New Balance light weight trainers, though they’re special order now so I switched to AdiZero Temo and like them very much. Other than that I really don’t bother worrying about brand name running clothes.

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