Jesus Was A Road Runner Now On Facebook

After the success of Jesus Was A Road Runner in 2012, I decided to branch out and reach new audiences. A month or so back, I created a facebook page for those who are less in touch with the blogosphere and of course – you guys, both avid and passive fans of the blog.

Jesus Was A Road Runner Facebook

What can you expect from being a fan of Facebook? Well for starters you’ll become more attractive to the opposite sex. Not to mention you’ll become an awesome athlete and smash PB’s left, right and centre.

Fans will of course have access to each blog post that is written, along with motivational photos, polls, milestones and who knows – maybe a competition or two down the line.

What’s more, fans will have exclusive access to my Garmin uploads, added just minutes after each training session & race. What more could you want – chocolate?

To check out the page or to become a super fan follow this link.

If your blog has it’s own facebook page or twitter feed, please drop it in the comment box below & I’ll be sure to give you a follow.


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