Personal Bests & Awards Ceremonies

It’s been a pretty eventful week here in (not so) sunny Sydney. I’ve finally regained a rhythm in terms of my training regime, been nominated as a finalist in the Pedestrian.TV blogging awards and above all, found form in my running.

Vote Jesus Was A Road Runner

One of the things that is hardest to accept after time out from the sport is that you can’t have everything back in an instant. Sure I’d love to be running 6 minute miles again and entering a races to challenge my form, but sadly as with all things distance running – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. But I’m getting there.

This week, I ran my usual 5 mile Glebe route in a record time of 36:48. Unfortunately, as my Garmin battery died early on during the race, I had to rely on my back-up timer, my iPod nano. As my trusted Apple friend can’t measure distance ran, I estimate that my pace was around the 7:20 minute per mile mark. I’m getting there! And what’s better, I’m feeling great for it.

To add to the euphoria that I may once again challenge for a sub 3 hour marathon (even if it’s a good year away), I was shortlisted to the final 20, in the tech / media / culture category for the Pedestrian.TV blogger of the year award, sponsored by Intel. I’ve never really thought of blogging as any more than an outlet to share my experiences, tips and motivation to fellow sportmen and women – so to receive kudos & recognition from my peers means a lot to me.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog this year & in 2011, please stop by my voting page – It takes less than 10 seconds to vote!

Thanks in advance for your generosity. Why not drop me a few words of encouragement in the comments section below. Happy running!


4 thoughts on “Personal Bests & Awards Ceremonies

  1. Voted, or should that be “Liked”
    Good Luck!
    I was nominated for a similar UK one last year. Didn’t win but went to a posh awards ceremony with loads of free bubbly (actually I think you were only meant to have one glass but my friend & I managed about a bottle each ;))

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