Running Home To The UK For London 2012

You’ve got to love Australia. A continent in it’s own right, the Great Barrier Reef covers an area larger than the UK & the country itself is bigger than the whole of Europe. Kissed by sunshine daily with a chilled out vibe to be admired by more stress ridden countries – Why would anyone want to leave?

Union Jack Pimms Bottle

This week, it hit me. I’m going to be in the land down under during the London 2012 Olympics. This sort of thing happens once in a lifetime. With my facebook feed a buzz with patriotism, it’s hard not to miss the home comforts of a decent cup of tea & historically steeped architecture.

It’s not only the Olympics either, the Queens Jubilee, Euro 2012 & lets add Wimbledon whilst we’re there.

I’ll be watching the Olympics on television, though I fear soon as the mountain biking at Hadleigh Downs is screened, I’ll feel a little emptiness, reminiscing a time when I ran those exact hills – and enjoyed it.

Nothing clears the mind like a cheeky ten mile run. I think I’ll plan a few “tourist” runs, taking me past the Opera House, over the Harbour Bridge and through the Botanic Gardens. I’m sure it won’t be long before I no longer desire the comforts of home.

As for the Queens Jubilee & Wimbledon, I’m sure a jug of Pimms and a Union Jack will fill the UK shaped hole in my heart. Oh, Euro 2012, pah, we’ll be out of that long before the semi finals!

If you could run anywhere where would it be? Whether it’s a particular race or a country, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Running Home To The UK For London 2012

  1. I hope the Pimms and Union Jack helped!
    Be sure to run the Outback marathon whilst you’re in Oz – it’s an amazing experience! The Everest marathon is on my list… but logistically it’s a real pain to get there!

  2. It sure did, thanks Shaye đŸ™‚

    I’ll look into the outback marathon, though I’m not too sure how long we will be out here now – may only be 3 more months. Everest would be awesome & such a challenge.

    Do you have any plans to come back to AUS or the UK soon? xx

  3. The outback marathon is in August I think. It’s expensive but cheaper if you can drive there instead of flying!
    I’m heading to the UK in July and August for about 4 weeks and to Aus for 2 weeks in December. Hope to catch up with you for a run somewhere and sometime soon!

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