Breaking: GPS Addict Leaves Garmin At Home For 10 Mile Training Run

Earlier this week, I decided to hit the streets without my Garmin. There were a number of reasons for this, but most importantly – I wanted to double up on my standard run & gain a little extra mileage, without being mocked by my GPS device. How would I cope?

Bicentennial Park Glebe

Bicentennial Park in Glebe provides a beautiful scene for a run

Being a newbie to the Glebe area, I have yet to invest time into plotting multiple running routes & have been constrained to my standard run through Bicentennial Park, down Glebe Point Road towards Broadway & then back home. The course calculates at 5 miles, or just over if my Garmin is feeling generous.

Wishing to step up to 10 miles, I decided that I would run this course twice. Leaving my Forerunner at home, I wanted to get lost in my thoughts and just enjoy the run at a pace that my body was happy with. This wasn’t quite the case.

The First Lap:

For much of the first lap, my mind was racing – but in a bad way. “You’re running slower than ever & you’re never going to make the second lap”, it taunted me. As I approached the 3 mile mark it was a long slog up the hill from the park to Deli’s Thai restaurant & I must admit, although I took it leisurely, I wasn’t feeling confident for the second lap.

My thoughts from mile 3-5 remained along the same lines. “Nobody’s going to blame you or even know if you stop at 5, especially as you have no Garmin”. But as every strong minded runner will tell you, this was just the motivation that I needed – I won’t be beaten and I will complete the course, no matter how much my legs are going to hurt tomorrow.

The Second Lap:

Between 5 & 10 miles, little changed, sure the pace would have dropped a little, but this run wasn’t about pace. It was about miles on my legs and proving to myself once again, that running the course this time would mean I could run it a hundred times.

My desire to zone out and tune in to my body was cancelled out by fatigue and a nagging voice of doubt. But on a couple of occasions my mind did turn to stressful matters, and attempts to rectify them through ponderous thought was made. I think we’re getting there.


Finally, one thing that I often like to do when running solo (without tracking) is calculate the approximate course completion time. I left home at 18:25 and if my maths was right, two 45 minute laps would see me return home at 19:55. To my surprise, I was home by 19:45. That means that I would have run an average of 8 minute miles or thereabouts. Sure it’s slow, but not as slow as if my initial calculations were right. A mini victory if you will…

Are you addicted to your GPS? Would you consider leaving it at home in order to relax & lose yourself?


4 thoughts on “Breaking: GPS Addict Leaves Garmin At Home For 10 Mile Training Run

  1. Well done on 10 miles! I could NEVER leave my Garmin at home, would be too lost, however, I can run and not look at it…. strange as it may seem. I love those runs when you go out nice and easy and get faster as you go and when you get back you avg pace is better than you thought. Keep calm and carry on running πŸ™‚

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