Girls Rejoice! Bia Just Listened To Your Running Needs

In contrast to Nike+, Garmin and the like, Bia is a sportswatch designed specifically for women by women. Want one? Before you can get your hands on one of these beauties, there’s a small matter of $400,000(US) standing in the teams’ way.

Bia Sportswatch For Women

Let’s begin with a story.

A daughter was watching her mother fry a fish. “Mum, why do you chop off the fish’s head & tail before cooking?” I asked. Mum replied quite simply – “My mother always cut off the tail & head before frying & her dishes were scrumptious”.

Not content with Mum’s retort, I sought to find out why her Mum employed this technique. “Grandma, why do you cut the head & tail off of a fish before frying?”. She replied with an all too familiar message – because her Mum did. I put on my shoes & headed over to Great Grandma’s.

“Great Grandma, why do you chop the head & tail off of the fish before frying?”. She surprised me, “Because my frying pan is too small”.

The moral of this story is clear. Only by asking why, do we get over the ignorance of “just because”.

By asking why, Bia have designed a durable, aesthetically pleasing and above all, practical sports watch for the millions of female athletes around the globe. Including all the GPS functionality of watches currently on the market, plus “no brainer” safety alarm technology able to alert the emergency services and next of kin in the event of an emergency – this device has safety, and your fitness mind.

Over to the girls at Bia for a demo of the watch:

Like many entrepreneurs across the globe, the team at Bia need a little bit of help funding their project. The watch is currently listed on kickstarter – an online funding platform for creative projects, funded by you. So, if you think Bia would suit your needs, head on over & pre-order yours now!

The bid currently stands at $122,000 with 10 days to reach the $400,000 target.

Would you be willing to ditch your Garmin or Nike+ device for the added features that Bia boasts?


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