Rejected From The London Marathon, But It’s Not All Bad…

So, the rejection letter from the guys at the Virgin London Marathon dropped through my letterbox back in the UK earlier this week. I can’t say that I’m too disheartened by this, but I am looking forward to coming back stronger and faster some time in the future, whether it’s 2014, ’15 or so forth. This news aside, the running is getting back on track.

Beet It - Beetroot Juice

In the past month, my Nike+ account is looking much more respectable. With 10 runs in the past month, I’m not going to break any endurance records, but I may have broken my hoodoo.

Sure I’m still shattered when I come home from work, but I’ve found time to get out there and make the effort. Trying a combination of techniques to get me back out there and on my feet.

So, I finally invested in the power of the beetroot juice and I must say that it’s rank. Whether it’s opening up my blood vessels and increasing the efficiency of the oxygen in my blood or not, the placebo seems to be working at the least.

Twinned with this, I had listened to the words in my previous post regarding the worst hell that I can imagine and somehow, that’s given me the kick to get out there. I’ve stuck the poster on the wall next to my bed, the very place where I hide away from running and it’s certainly helping.

Thirdly, I saw on twitter the idea of a runstreak. I’m not sure where this originated, I think it may have been thought up by the runners world team providing a solution to pre season blues. I attempted to run every day until the forseeable future. After 7 days this ended when my body just got too tired. I’m a firm believer in listening to your body if it wants a break (for the right reasons).

Finally, a mention to a top lad from the Nike running club in Sydney. Taking me on short runs around the City of a weekend, I’ve finally found the closest thing to a running partner and sense of belonging that I’ve had since being in Sydney – Oh and I also invested in a new pair of Brooks Glycerin as my old pair were somewhat depleted.

I genuinely can’t wait to find some new running routes throughout Asia on my way home. For the first time, in a long time I’m excited about running once again…


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