Can’t Run? Here’s 10 Things To Do Instead…

Whether you’re sidelined through injury, too busy or just plain lazy – here are my top 10 tried and tested methods for ignoring your trainers…

10. Get stung by a jellyfish. If a tour guide tells you that it won’t sting, err on the side of caution – believe me.

9. Drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This photo was taken about a week before I left Sydney. It made me want to stay forever.

8. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a dying ecosystem and won’t be around forever. Swimming alongside this turtle made my year.

7. Play beer pong and kick ass. When you’ve got an aim as good as mine, it’d be rude not to play.

6. Feed a wild dolphin. This one’s a bit sad, but I like dolphins and I think this little critter liked me.

5. Go to Thailand. It’s way cheaper than Oz & it’s beautiful place to hang out. This photo was taken on the Phi Phi Islands.

4. Confront your fear of water by jumping off a rock (and almost drowning). It’s kinda funny now, though I 100% thought I was a going to die. I’m alive, that’s all that matters.

3. Buy a fantastic pair of PJ’s. All the cool kids were totally laughing with me.

2. Visit the Whitsundays. My favourite place on Earth.

1. Live your own dreams and remember – the worst hell that I can imagine is that when you die, the person you became, meets the person you could have become. Running may have taken a back seat at the present, but I’m determined to break a sub 3 hour marathon in the not too distant future.

What would you rather do than tie your shoelaces and go for a run?


4 thoughts on “Can’t Run? Here’s 10 Things To Do Instead…

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