A Stitch In Time Saves Nine (Or Twelve)

So, I’m finally back from my epic adventure around the world. Savouring the amazing landscapes of Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos wasn’t, however, without mishap. My latest injury has now sidelined me for my planned return to running.

After a year and a half away from England, I can only look back with fondness. I’ll never forget trips to Whitehaven Beach, the Gold Coast, Fraser Island, Sydney, the Thai Islands nor especially, Halong Bay.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay was a magical place unlike any other. Far from any beautiful beach, the landscape offered something mysterious and almost made you feel as though you had visited a land that only existed in fairy tales. Huge mountains rose from the water and surrounded you wherever you looked. Only the eerie fog prevented you for seeing for miles – yet somehow made the place seem even more beautiful. If I had to pick one place that I’d return to again, it’d be Halong Bay without a doubt.

Unfortunately, what happened on Castaway Island, Halong Bay has since left me bed bound with only my laptop for company.

Upon disembarking the boat, I stepped on a sharp rock which sliced through the sole of my foot. For days it seemed ok and every now and then I’d spray some antiseptic solution on it to try and kill any infection. However, after a week or so, it got worse and my foot swelled up meaning that the only option I was left with was visiting a Thai hospital.

The procedure lasted around 20 minutes, though it felt like hours. I was administered three anaesthetic injections into the sole of my foot which I can only describe as the worst pain I have ever experienced. Then twelve stitches to tidy up the wound which had removed the infected tissue.

Foot Operation

So, now I’m back in the UK itching to run when I can barely walk without wincing. I’ve been to the gym to try and build some upper body strength and to work on my core, but it pains me walking past the running machines on the way to the weights.

I’m off to the doctors tomorrow to get an update on my healing foot, hopefully he’ll bring good news, but I can’t see a running return for a good couple of weeks yet.


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